How can I customize the hospitality options to better meet my company’s needs?

With every traditional package the Memorial Tournament offers, there is opportunity to customize the elements included in the package to best suit a client’s needs. We work with each sponsor to understand their goals, preferences and budget to then determine the best options for a successful partnership. If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply tell us what you need. We will work to customize a package specifically for you. Contact us for opportunities.

Are there hospitality packages for individuals or small groups?

Yes. Hospitality packages can be purchased on an individual basis or for groups as small as two people. Please see the 1976 Club or Nicklaus Club option. If further options are required, please contact us to discuss opportunities for customization.

How can I purchase single day Tournament round badges?

Single day Tournament round badges are a benefit of the various hospitality sponsorships with the Memorial Tournament and are conveniently included in each of our packages. Click here for hospitality opportunities or visit to purchase badges or packages.

Is there opportunity for on-course signage?

The Memorial Tournament has many opportunities to co-brand with partners in the marketplace including promotional and media opportunities. However, in effort to uphold the standards and integrity established at the Memorial Tournament’s inception, on-course company-specific or promotional signage is not permitted. See Advertising or Community.

How can I integrate my product into a Tournament sponsorship?

The Memorial Tournament customizes sponsorship and retail activation programs each year surrounding various events and cause marketing programs, which enable opportunities for product exposure. Please see Community. Contact us for details.

How do I acquire house rental information?

The Memorial Tournament can help you find a private home to rent during Tournament week. Our reliable staff can help with other services including parking and shuttle to house, ticket management, catering, invitation materials, daily house set-up and preparation, security and nightly cleaning. Contact us for details.

What opportunities are there for our company to play golf or host a golf outing during Tournament week?

There are several opportunities to incorporate golf into your Tournament week experience. Individual Golf School spots, positions in sponsor outings and opportunity to schedule foursomes at select partnering clubs at specialized rates are all golf opportunities, which are already incorporated or can be included in any sponsorship package.