Community Outreach

Community outreach is an integral part of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide, which is reflected in several initiatives providing powerful sponsorship opportunities for community involvement, brand recognition and exposure.

Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation

A charitable alliance was announced in June 2010 among the Memorial Tournament, Nationwide Children's Hospital and Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation. The new alliance established Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation as the lead charity of the Memorial Tournament and supporter of Nationwide Children's Hospital. The relationship enables the Memorial to increase its long-standing support and promotion of Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Memorial Tournament NICU, while combining the strengths of three very powerful organizations, all for the benefit of advancing pediatric care in central Ohio.

Bears for Children's

Bears for Children's benefits the Memorial Tournament NICU at Nationwide Children's Hospital by way of the sale of a limited edition collectible bear. Since this campaign began in 1996, over $1.5 million has been generated through generous public and corporate giving.

As a partner of the Memorial Tournament and Nationwide Children's Hospital, Bears for Children's sponsors strengthen community ties and enhance brand awareness through campaign media exposure.

Benefit Concert

Each year a national recording artist takes the stage as the centerpiece to raise funds for the Memorial Tournament NICU at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Over $900,000 has been raised since the concert's inception in 2007.

This annual fundraiser serves as a unique opportunity for charitable giving alongside brand exposure and relaxed entertainment.

Junior Golf Clinic

Under the umbrella of The Memorial's Clubhouse Kids, the Junior Golf Clinic features interactive community programming alongside a feature visit from a PGA Tour professional playing in the Memorial Tournament. The Clinic promotes the fundamentals of golf along with inspiring life lessons.

The Junior Golf Clinic serves as an opportunity for brand awareness, promotional partnership and media exposure.

The Memorial's Clubhouse Kids

Impacting youth through golf, The Memorial's Clubhouse Kids serves children and their families in central Ohio and across the country. The Clubhouse Kids includes such initiatives as a membership program, an interactive website, the "Elementary Day" field trip program, Junior Golf Day, an annual coloring contest and the "Golf Tour". The Golf Tour is an extensive effort to permanently implement golf in elementary schools. Through teacher training of a nationally standardized curriculum and donation of child-friendly golf equipment, thousands of students are exposed to golf every year in the physical education classroom.

The Memorial's Clubhouse Kids provides the backdrop for various sponsor branded programs enhancing community involvement and creating educational opportunities for youth.

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year annually honors the men and women of the Memorial Tournament Women's Division Committee who dedicate their time and energy to preparing for the Tournament. The efforts of these thousands of volunteers reflect a charitable spirit as each individual's hours results in a donation back to the Memorial Tournament NICU at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The Volunteer of the Year program provides sponsors an avenue for community partnership and offers promotional and media exposure.

Legends Luncheon

The Legends Luncheon began a new tradition in central Ohio beginning in 2011 with this incredible fundraising event to advance pediatric care in central Ohio. Bringing to life the alliance between the Memorial Tournament, Nationwide Children's Hospital and Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation, the luncheon has raised nearly $4 million through the support of many Central Ohio leaders. Guests are treated to a special conversation with the Memorial Tournament Host and Founder, Jack Nicklaus and an internationally recognized special guest influential in the game of golf.

Also significant to the Legends Luncheon is the announcement of the Nicklaus Youth Spirit Award winner. The award recognized a youth or loved one who has in some way demonstrated a strong, driving spirit by way of obstacles overcome, an unwavering optimistic outlook and a tenacious conviction for their connection to Nationwide Children's.

Through corporate sponsorship and the purchase of company tables, executives host important guests to take part in this annual momentous occasion - all to support Nationwide Children's.

FORE! Miler

The FORE! Miler is a running race slated to celebrate the annual playing of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide. Benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the FORE! Miler is in its 3rd year.

The start and finish lines are located in the heart of Muirfield Village Golf Club and features a specially designed medal and “sneak peek” access to Patron Village and Golden Bear Club for an after-party with live entertainment.

This annual four mile race is a community focused event that offers sponsors brand exposure the week prior to Tournament.

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